New AEROKING aerators  06/06/2011

new grubbers for Selvatici  07/03/2011

new aerator AEROPRINCE  18/01/2010

We extend much more our range of products for the turf maintenance!
We present this slicing blades (or open tines) aerator for people who wants to loosen and aerate compact ground at little deepness (max 15 cm) and with small tractors.
Infact AEROPRINCE aerator is suitable for tractor from 15 to 45 HP.
It is available in two differents width: 110 cm and 180 cm.
Please be free to ask for more details and costs.


We have won the prize for technical innovation with our last new "poker" aerator with controlled lowering system for aerating spikes.
The motivation for the prize was that our machine has a controlled lowering of perforation spikes to increase in-depth macro porosity and avoid damage to turf.

This link connect you at page 13 to the news of MMW: .

New video channel on YouTube  10/04/2009

From today you can see videos of our machines at work on YouTube!!
For seeing Selvatici's machines at work the link is the following: .
Here you can find our latest videos, news and curiosity.
We are always the first because we trust in technology inside and outside the field!

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